Q1. How does your site work?

 Q2. How can i check out? 

 Q3. What forms of payments do you accept?

 Q4. Is your site secure?

 Q5. What is your shipping policy?

 Q6. How long after my order is placed will it ship?

 Q7. Can i shop for my friends and family?

 Q8. How is Fresh Merchandise handled?

 Q9. What brand name products will be shipped?

 Q10. Do i need to pay Sales Tax?

 Q11. Are your Products Fresh?

 Q12. Do you sell Authentic Brand?

 Q13. Will you share my information with any one?

 Q14. Can i cancel or modify my order?

 Q15. What is a wish list and hows does it work?

 Q16. What is the gift card payment option on the check out page?

 Q17. What is your Return Policy?


 A1. Our website works the same way that other shopping websites online work. You can browse items through the website and add as many items  as you would like. Shopping Bag will update automatically based on your selections. Click on Checkout at the top of the page once you finished your selection and complete your order. 

 A2. Customers can create an account with Indiabazaarmn.com to check out or check out as a guest also. Account creation with Indiabazaarmn.com provides additional benefits like Order Tracking, Order History, Better Customer Service, Future Product Offerings and Wish Lists.

 A3. We accept all the major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and Discover. 

 A4. Our site is 100% secure. We use a variety of mesaures to maintain the privacy and safety of your personal information. Credit/Debit card usage at indiangrocery.com is GUARANTEED SAFE. We do not store or save any credit information of our customers. Payment processing is completely handled by the Payment Gateways secure servers. Please visit our site security page for further details.

 A5. Please refer to our Shipping Policies page for detailed information on shipping and returns.

 A6. Orders are processed in the order they were received and also the shipping choice that was selected. Orders will be usually ready to be picked up with in 2 to 3 hours.

 A7. You can purchase stuff for others and note in your order that it's a gift purchase. We can generate a Gift Invoice and send it with the shipment.

 A8. Orders containing Fresh Merchandise will be picked, packed and shipped with a minimum lag time to ensure the freshness of the products.

 A9. We carry a variety of Brand Names in our store. In case we ran out of a particular brand we substitute it with an equal value Branded item after we get the approval from you.

 A10.  We are required by law to charge Minnesota state tax where ever it is applicable on Minnesota orders and applicable sales tax depending on the state tax laws of your state.

 A11. Yes, all of our products are personally checked before shipment to ensure no defects or damage.

 A12. We sell only Authentic Brand and Quality Products.

 A13. We value your privacy. We do not sell or share your information to third parties, nor use personal information for any reason other than its intended use.

 A14. Orders cannot be cancelled or modified once it has been picked up. Orders can be changed or modified prior to the pickup by emailing your request to Orders@indiabazaarmn.com

 A15. Wish-Lists are personal lists that a customer can create once an acocunt is created. Customers can add products to their wish list from the Product Page. Customers can use these wish lists to purchase the items at any time. Products will be automatically addedd to the shopping bag based on the wish list selection. Customers can prepare more than one wish list.

 A16. Gift card option for payment is currently not available.

 A17. Please check our Shipping Policies page.